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Claire Crawley Department of Health delivers a Keynote Opening Address on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults under the Care Act 2014

Claire Crawley Senior Policy Manager Adult Safeguarding at the Department of Health gave a national update at today’s Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults conference in London which included:

    • the implications of the Care Act 2014 for adult safeguarding
    • how has the definition of safeguarding changed?
    • what the Act means in practice
    • delivering culture change and implementing the practice guidance

In her presentation Claire discussed: 

"It's the local authorities who lead. Lead for coordinating doesn't mean the other parties get to walk away. Some things will depend on your locality and the structure. It's all about reflectment judgement."

"Safeguarding is a widely used term. Patient safety in the NHS is not safeguarding. Safeguarding is the response. This is a safeguarding issue who is best placed to respond. The financial clause - there's no conspiracy here I think we down play it, it's fraud or theft."

"When organisations don't supply information it's fear and trying to protect themselves."

"I think this is a much better document after these revisions"

"Self neglect needs to be discussed and planned for. It's all very well with say a hoarder to go in and tidy around them but you're not dealing with the cause. Normally by the time it gets so bad there is a lot of negative emotion that stops that person from asking for help shame guilt embarrassment"

Claire’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page. 

Claire Crawley is a social worker/social work manager by background. She began working in social care in 1973. She has worked across all groups and settings. Her last operational job was as a senior manager in Birmingham SSD. She spent 2 years (1992-94) as Deputy Director of the Social Services Management Unit at the University of Birmingham. She then joined the Social Services Inspectorate in London as an inspector. The SSI was at that time a part of the Department of Health. After 5 years she moved to a policy team in the Department of Health as a professional advisor. Since 2003 she has been a mainstream civil servant. She has had a number of lead policy roles that have covered things such as carers’ policy, assessment, care management, commissioning, direct payments, pandemic influenza planning and law reform. She currently leads a small team working on adult safeguarding policy, including the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

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Download: Claire Crawley Full Presentation

17 November 2014


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