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News from todays Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding Summit

Elaine Aspinwall-Roberts speaking at the conference todayElaine Aspinwall-Roberts speaking at the conference today

Safeguarding people who self neglect: what works?
David Orr,
Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex
David says “self neglect is individual, you must understand in context of the individual person.
Why do people self neglect? Factors could be physical health issues, mental health issues, substance misuse, psycho-social.
The difference between self neglect and neglect of the domestic environment and the reasons/factors behind these two.
Ethics – Respecting Autonomy, being willing to question. Intervention delivered through relationship connection and trust”.
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Developing shared professional understandings of self-neglect and multi-agency interventions
Elaine Aspinwall-Roberts,
Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, Registered Social Worker
Pre Event Abstract
The Care Act 2014 imposes a duty on local authorities to make statutory safeguarding enquiries where they have cause to suspect that an adult is self-neglecting.  The Act also imposes a duty (S6) on local authorities and relevant partners such as health and housing, to work in partnership and ‘co-operate generally’.  However, safeguarding adults reviews and government ombudsman investigations have shown a consistent failure of agencies to work together on cases involving self-neglect, which are often highly complex and demanding for practitioners. 
Many different agencies may be involved in the life of a self-neglecting person, and it is essential that these agencies are able to work together, with shared aims, purpose and understanding. This session will explore the factors that may hinder effective multi-agency working in the area of self-neglect, and whether outcomes for people who self-neglect could be improved by addressing these.  Participants will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and to reflect on their own practice in working alongside other agencies.
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Hoarding and safeguarding: Professional and practice issues
Megan Karnes
, Director, Hoarding UK
Pre event abstract
Hoarding, Care Act & Safeguarding:  Here’s another fine mess!
The presentation will provide an overview of hoarding, take a brief look at risk and then engage in a larger discussion about the Care Act, Safeguarding and Policy.
In 2014, as a result of the Care Act Code of Practice, Hoarding joined the list of risks/vulnerabilities about which safeguarding may provide protections and put a person on the pathway to appropriate support.  Unfortunately, local services-already struggling-are not able to provide the help needed.  The ping-pong process takes time and resources while not delivering outcomes for the person or the services around them.  What are our responsibilities? 
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Self Neglect in Older Adults: Evidence and implications for Clinical Practice
Dr Mary Rose Day,
Nurse Consultant , School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Cork
Pre event abstract
Self-neglect is emerging as a complex problem that crosses multiple disciplines and is an important feature in health and social care practice and community work.  Self -neglect can vary in presentation and severity and be intentional or unintentional, and is mainly characterized by profound environmental neglect and cumulative diverse behaviours that may threaten a person’s ability to live safely and independently in the community.  Globally, self-neglect is a significant and complex public health issue.  The legislative and policy context and approaches can differ across jurisdictions and countries.
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10 September 2018


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