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Service user perspectives on smoking cessation

Paul Scates, Peer Specialist, Campaigner and Ambassador discusses the Service user perspectives on smoking cessation at today’s conference. In his presentation Paul discussed

  • understanding the side effects of smoking
  • how we can support service users to quit
  • service user views on smoke free inpatient units

Paul Scates’s full presentation is available to download at the end of this page

Paul Scates Biography:

Paul Scates born and raised on the Jurassic coast in the Southwest of the UK. Educated at a top comprehensive school in Bournemouth Paul later attended university and received his BA (Hons) in Arts & Events Production alongside BA (Hons) in Public Relations & Marketing.

Paul still resides in Bournemouth but works and spends a good portion of his time in London as a creative events director and mental health ambassador.

Paul’s career has been vast and varied mainly due to his passion for life and his eclectic range of interests. Paul has a natural effervescence & gregarious nature which has allowed him to flourish and find his niche working within the entertainment & mental health sectors’.

Paul has worked within radio, music management, creative events, psychiatry, travel, catering & hospitality and lastly PR & marketing. Clearly a man who likes to keep diversity at the forefront.

One of Paul’s main passions is a genuine interest in people and he naturally carries a great humility for his fellow man.  He has a clear desire to enrich the lives of others and often works tirelessly for the good of various charitable organisations, most specifically within the spheres of mental health.

Paul describes himself as ‘stable’ at this part of his life but this has not always been the case and has been no mean feat. Paul lives with Bipolar II and it has historically crippled him for extended periods of his adult life. Paul defines that through insight and actively researching his bipolarity, his condition is now under control through a program of self- management which combines medication, diet, exercise, supportive network of family & friends alongside health professionals. Paul is never complacent and fully advocates to others that he must always following his plan if he wishes remain well, as it is a lifelong challenge which can fluctuate at varying times. However as anyone who now meets him will see he is a well-grounded and fulfilled chap.

Paul strongly believes his Bipolar is a particular chemical imbalance within the brain which is also genetically linked to his father whom has the exact same diagnosis. Paul further explains as he understands it, Bipolarity presents itself after a traumatic experience and for Paul that was at a very early age due to experiencing many years of sexual abuse by a ‘supposed’ friend of the family. As for most children suffering abuse they suffer in silence and Paul’s family were kept in the dark until he was hospitalised at 17 years of age. Unfortunately, Paul encountered a second trauma which further complicated his mental well-being when he was horrifically subjected at the age of 16 to a serious sexual crime where his life was very nearly terminated. This is why for Paul life is so precious and he genuinely feels that through adversity comes strength and a reasoning for his suffering is to make a difference to legislation and to hopefully be an inspiration to others experiencing difficulties.

A pivotal moment of change for Paul was an admission to a day hospital only four years ago where he realised for the first time in his adult life he needed to accept his illness and take charge of his wellbeing & recovery. Paul now delivers talks and presentations to various audiences within the media, acute psychiatric hospitals, prison services, NHS England and parliamentary offices on a front end level dealing directly with service users, clinicians and other professional workers. Paul offers an advocacy structure which supports all of those involved. His future aims and objectives are to develop his role further within this capacity through targeting business owners, conglomerates and finally the world of education. With this in mind Paul is extremely focused to narrate his journey and to talk through the strategies and tools for which people can implement and are so vitally imperative to one’s recovery.

Paul clearly has a passion to be a voice for many; those who have been abused, those who suffer from varying mental health conditions, rape victims and also those who have experienced discrimination of any degree. Paul’s enlightenment through a realisation that as a well and recovered human being, illness nor adversities have to dictate our future lives and it is with this knowledge he has helped many. This has been Paul’s huge driving force and explains why he wishes to give back to society. It is also his reasoning for putting himself forward to appear as a main contributor to a channel 4 documentary highlighting mental health.

Finally Paul is currently working towards a change of certain policies which he hopes will eventually enrich the lives of others. He is a strong believer that for all he has been through should not be in vain and merely it was a journey he had to bear in order to make positive changes and to prove there is a better life for everyone.

Following on from his belief he has also commented “society needs to realise they actively need to take heed of the fact that we cannot castigate those with mental health nor persecute them for having such an illness or to further ostracise them through fear and ignorance. This kind of negative process creates a further sustained period of illness, shame, worthlessness and worst of all suicide. It really is time to change for the good of our nations.”

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Download: Paul Scates"s full presentation

20 October 2015


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