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Smoking cessation and mental health – a Public Health concern by Seamus Watson

Seamus WatsonSeamus Watson

Seamus's presentation included information on the nations health, success in smoking cessation, smoking and mental health and the national policy.

Physical health of people with mental health problems:
People with mental illness die from the five big killers
Socially deprived groups are more likely to have mental illness as a comorbidity
We’ve made least progress in improving outcomes for disadvantaged groups

Seamus said smoking is the greatest cause of preventable ill-health and pre mature mortality.

Cessation improves population mental health
People with mental illness can stop smoking
Improved respiratory health
High rates of successful quitting

In the 1940s 65% of adults were smokers and today only 19%.

People living with mental health illness have the expected life expectancy as the general population of the 1950s!

People living with mental health illness due of the same 5 main killers but as a much younger age.

People living with mental health illness are more likely to smoke, abuse alcohol, be less active and be obese.

Smoking is THE biggest cause of preventable ill health and early death

Nations priorities for the next 5 years (set last week by the PHE):Smoking, Alcohol. Dementia, Early years TB & Resistance to Antibiotics

Seamus said looking ahead we need to gather more evidence and case studies and makie the knowledge available. By shining a light on inequalities and linking across system with partners the helps support national networks. We need to embed in population health programmes.

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Download: Seamus Watson Presentation

10 November 2014


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