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National Update from the Department of Health: Pressure Ulcers and Safeguarding

Claire Crawley Senior Policy Maker, Adult Safeguarding at the Department of Health spoke at today’s Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers conference on:

• when are pressure ulcers safeguarding concerns?
• reporting of pressure ulcers as safeguarding concerns
• pressure ulcers, abuse and neglect

In her presentation Claire stated:

'We’ve tried to work very hard about response have said that, I don’t think we have done enough around prevention'

'We seem to be much more cautious of neglect in children then of older people'

'I think there has developed a lot of blame culture around pressure ulcers and that doesn’t help the patient'

Abstract of Claire Crawley's presentation:

Care Act safeguarding enquiries and duties are not the default position for responding to pressure ulcers. Informed professional judgement critical is in prevention and responding to pressure ulcers. All agencies and organisations need to do much more about preventing pressure ulcers but also understanding the truth and myths about them. Focus should be on protecting the individual from harm, not the organisation from blame. Commissioners of care and support need to specify in detail the need for skin care and regular review. We need to give much more thought to training and awareness, especially in the social care workforce but also informal and family carers. Safeguarding Adults Boards should have agreed protocols with the health and care sectors about the interface between safeguarding and treatment of pressure sores. SABs could usefully monitor trends in prevalence to identify what further preventative work can be undertaken.

Claire Crawley's Biography

Claire is a social worker / social work manager by background. She began working in social care in 1973. She has worked across all groups and settings. Her last operational job was as a senior manager in Birmingham SSD. She then spent 2 years (1992-94) as Deputy Director of the Social Services Management Unit at the University of Birmingham. In 1994 she joined the Social Services Inspectorate in London as an inspector. The SSI was at that time a part of the Department of Health. After 5 years she moved to a policy team in the Department of Health as a professional advisor. Since 2003 she has been a mainstream civil servant. She has had a number of lead policy roles that have covered areas such as carers’ policy, assessment, care management, commissioning, direct payments, and pandemic influenza planning and law reform. She currently leads a small team working on adult safeguarding policy and the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Claire managed the safeguarding elements of the Care Act through consultation and the parliamentary process. Her team were responsible for producing the statutory guidance on adult safeguarding and are currently working with stakeholders on additional practice guidance.

Claire Crawley’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

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Download: claire-crawley_1396.pdf

19 May 2016


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