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Violence and aggression

News and presentations from today’s conference focusing on short-term management of violent and physically threatening behaviour among adults, children and young people with a mental health problem.

Working with people to move the focus to prevention: Developing positive behavioural support and supporting people with challenging behavior
Dr Peter Baker
, Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Disability, University of Kent, and Editor, The International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support

In his presentation Peter concluded; 

We are hard wired to conceptualise behavior management in terms of reactive responses.

Thus moving to a genuinely preventative agenda represents a major paradigm shift

PBS has enjoyed a good deal of success in intellectual disability services and mainstream education

Does it fit other specialities? 

If not, another ‘big idea’ model needed to shift paradigm

Pre-conference Abstract
This presentation looks at the theoretical model regarding the causation of challenging behaviour that underpins the positive behavioural support model and highlights the implications of this for devising a comprehensive approach to prevention and intervention. It is argued that both historically and currently, services have relied upon reactive strategies to manage and intervene with challenging behaviour. This focus has proven to be ineffective and has often resulted in abuse and neglect of people who are recipients of services. Positive Behavioural Support has prevention as a key element. The approach is now widely accepted within learning disability services, with a growing evidence base. Questions are asked in regard to the applicability of PBS for specialties outside of learning disabilities if the substantial paradigm shift from reaction to prevention is to be realised.  

Full PowerPoint Presentation

De-escalation techniques, planning and advance statements
Gifty Markey
, Nurse Consultant Acute Services Inpatient Mental Health, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
Laura Smith, Patient Safety Advisor Nursing & Quality Directorate, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

Pre-Conference Abstract
Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust provides mental health and community services  at over 350 sites to a population of over  700, 000. As a Trust we have been working to reduce the use of restrictive interventions in our mental health inpatient units for some time through a variety of interventions such as the Tidal Model, Star Wards, and learning from incidents.  
The 2014 publication of Positive and Proactive Care: Reducing the Need for Restrictive Interventions provided the Trust an opportunity to reflect on how various work streams could be pulled together to provide an overarching strategy in this area. This presentation looks at how Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust has integrated de-escalation, engagement and learning from incidents into daily practice to reduce conflict in ward areas.

Full PowerPoint Presentation

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13 November 2017


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