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The Patients view of a Quality Experience in Day Surgery

Edward Lewis Lay Member British Association of Day Surgery spoke at today’s Quality in Day Surgery conference on the patients view of a quality experience in day surgery including:

    • importance of preparation
    • experience on the day
    • after discharge care and advice

The Patients view of a Quality Experience in Day Surgery
For many patients the need to be admitted into hospital can be a worrying event. Media stories of the failings of our hospitals in treating patients help to create a fear or anxiety of what may lie in wait for them inside the hospital. Well publicised complaints also add to the levels of concern that many people have about the treatment awaiting them. The publication of the problems people have encountered by the Ombudsman, can sometimes add further concern for a person waiting to go to hospital 

There are no secret formulas on how to reassure patients and to provide an experience of the NHS that will ensure patient satisfaction. What is required is a well thought out process by the surgical team which commences with the effective preparation of each patient selected for same day surgery. This simple task will go a long way to reduce their particular concerns. Patients want treatment that is safe, efficient and effective, and which provides the least possible disruption to their lives. 

This process must therefore begin with the initial consultation and patients need to be reassured since natural anxiety will mean that patients may not hear all that they are being told. Because of this it is essential that much of this information should then be reinforced through repetition when the patient attends the  pre operation checks.

What happens on the day is equally important and good, clear information significantly helps to reassure a patient immediately before their operation and again to remind them of the information already given to them. Equally, what happens afterwards can often bring accolades for the surgical team but carelessness here could leave a poor impression with the patient and the family. Please remember that Patient is not a third person word. It is you and me.

Edward Lewis looks at what patients may want from the NHS from the viewpoint of someone who has been treated as a day patient. He has also extensive knowledge from his role with a Health Watchdog where he has met and discussed the feelings and concerns with a wide range of patients and their families in South Wales. He poses the questions on what patients expect and what can   actually be received in the quality and range of services that are available.

Edward’s full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

Edward is a graduate of the University of Wales and qualified in HR and Health Economics and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development.
He is a Lay member on the BADS General Council. For over thirty years he worked in the NHS in line management and was an NHS Trust CEO. Following a period working with the NHS Directorate in Wales for fourteen years he has worked internationally in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa on a range of projects aimed at improving health care delivery. He was appointed by the Wales Health Minister as an independent member to the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Community Health Council and regularly visits patient areas and meets with patients and their relatives through this role.

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Download: Edward Lewis full presentation

20 November 2014


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