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Tina Chambers, The Tissue Viability Society speakes on Pressure ulcer grading and reporting

Tina Chambers Co-Chair Consensus Working Group, Achieving Consensus in Pressure Ulcer Reporting The Tissue Viability Society Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Project Manager No Needless Skin Breakdown Workstream Patient Safety Federation discusses  Pressure ulcer grading and reporting: Implementing the agreed consensus in pressure ulcer reporting including unstageable pressure ulcers: 

  • pressure ulcer reporting: ensuring consistency
  • pressure ulcer assessment
  • implementing the new guidance around unstageable pressure ulcers 
  • what should be reported?

In her presentation Tina states: 

"It is vital that everyone uses the same definition to describe pressure ulcers!"

"72 hour rule should be discarded!"

"Classifications should be used including the category of ‘unstageable’"

"SIRI- serious incident requiring investigations- looking to change this in the future. The seriousness and grades needs to be monitored as can vary depending on different areas of the body"

"Root cause analysis should by the senior nurses responsible for the care of the patient and where the injury is believed to have occurred."


"New developments for 2015 with NHS England"

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This event will be again in 2015: 

Eliminating Avoidable Pressure Ulcers
Wednesday 4 February 2015, Birmingham

3 November 2014


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