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News and updates from today's Doctors in Difficulty conference

Following the chairs introductions, Dr Umesh Prabhu Consultant Paediatrician, Medical Director for more than 15 years and Medical Adviser for International Recruitment, opens the conference with a session on 'Managing Doctors in Difficulty, and Difficult Doctors' covering: 

• how do you ensure early identification of concerns
• doctors in difficulty and difficult doctors: what’s the difference?
• how to diagnose the nature of the issue
• ensuring open and honest communication
• behavior and conduct: setting the ground rules
• understanding the root cause of the problem and tackling concerns
• developing an approach based on values based leadershi

Presentation abstract

NHS and Social care are two British icons and great Institutions. Each year 360 million patients are seen by 1.3 million staff working in NHS. Vast majority of patients receive excellent care. However sadly each year 20,000 patients die and 55,000 patients suffer more than 6 months or permanently disabled due to 'medical errors' Most medical errors are not due to 'bad doctors or nurses but because of poor systems, processes, poor culture and poor governance, lack of IT, poor team working, and so on and by implementing excellent systems and processes and good governance, poor clinical care and poor behaviours can be identified early. Most doctors need help, support and guidance and not blame, punishment or humiliation.

Dr Prabhu's biography:

Consultant Paediatrician, Bury NHS Trust (1992 – 2010)
Clinical Director Paediatrics, Bury NHS Trust (1992 – 1998)
Medical Director, Bury NHS Trust (1998 – 2003)
Board Member, National Patient Safety Association (2001 – 2003)
Clinical Adviser, Health Care Commission 
National Clinical Advisory Service (2003 – 2014)
Member or Ex-Member of the Black and Minority Ethnic Advisory Committee/Equality and Diversity Committee of the British Medical Association/General Medical Council/National Clinical Advisory Service/Department of Health 
National Vice Chair of the British International Doctors Association
Previous National Vice Chair of the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

Following my own mistake in 1992, I developed a keen interest in patient safety, medical errors, clinical governance, why doctors make mistakes, organisational governance, culture, leadership and institutional racism.

I have given nearly 100 lectures and conducted 70 workshops on various aspects of patient safety, professional regulation and governance.

Dr Peter Belfield Medical Director Invited Service Reviews The Royal College of Physicians, London focuses on 'Managing poor or deteriorating clinical performance: Lessons from invited service reviews' covering:
• features of when then things go wrong
• managing a proportionate response to a concern
• ensuring a fair and consistent approach to managing informal, formal concerns and
 confirmed poor clinical performance
• what does a good service or department look like

Dr Belfields biography:

Appointed as a consultant geriatrician in 1987 and since then had a series of clinical leadership roles. Most significant of which was : 
2009 – 2013: Trust Medical Director at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Oversaw clinical leadership within the Trust and responsible for a medical workforce of 1650 doctors. Key role in maintaining quality in financially challenged times. 
Since semiretirement: 
2012- 2016: Censor Royal College of Physicians London. Particular focus on supporting doctors and dealing with those at risk.
2013 – 2017 Secondary care doctor on governing body of Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group. Provided leadership development support to a number of GP clinical leaders.
2016 – current: Trustee and since 2017, Chair of St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds. High quality small organisation with £10 million budget and up to 32 beds. October 2016 rated “outstanding” by CQC.
2014 – current: Medical Director Invited Service Reviews and College Officer, RCP London. Developing this role with increased number and scope of visits and consultancy support provided to wider NHS by the RCP.

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