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What makes an excellent Clinical Director?

Dr Umesh Prabhu Medical Director at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust gives an update at today’s Effective Clinical Director conference on:

  • the Clinical Directors role

  • responsibilities: strategic, directorate and individual

  • leadership qualities required for the role

  • accountability of Clinical Directors

  • tips for aspiring Clinical Directors

  • where next for current Clinical Directors?

Umesh spoke via Skype today due to a broken foot

Umesh opened the presentation by focusing on the importance of personal elements of leadership – Umesh stated that

  1. Leadership is all about your own values, behaviour and beliefs

  2. Your success or failure as a leader depends only on you and no one else

  3. No one can make you good, mediocre, poor or bad leader except you!

  4. Leadership is not easy if not everyone would be a great leader

  5. Leadership is not everyone’s cup of team

Umesh encouraged aspiring clinical directors to consider the following questions:

  1. Do I really want to be a CD?
  2. Why do I want to be a CD? – Your purpose/values
  3. Is it my cup of tea or my poison Chalice?
  4. Can I do a good job as CD?
  5. Have I got the ability, skills, passion, enthusiasm and time commitment and support to do the job?
  6. Am I a good leader and am I role model?

Umesh suggested delegates should consider values based leadership with the following qualities :

  1. Role Model

  2. One who leads by example and leads from the front

  3. Good communicator

  4. Honest and sincere

  5. Inspires and motivates everyone

  6. Most team members trust and respect

  7. Self-disciplined and holds self and others to account

  8. Kind, caring, compassionate and with courage

At WWL the following questions are asked when looking for a CD

  1. Who is a good consultant?
  2. Who is a nice human being?
  3. Who is a good team player
  4. Whom do you want to see as leader?

Tips for Clinical Directors

  1. Be kind, caring, compassionate

  2. Always have the courage to do the right thing

  3. Be sincere, be honest

  4. Be true to your values

  5. Build resilience

  6. Forget your egos, anger, frustrations and stress

  7. Be good, do good

  8. Ask for feedback and keep on learning

  9. Follow me in Twitter (I share lessons I learnt)

Umesh concluded with the importance of supporting staff – Happy Staff = Happy Patients

Umesh Prabhu's full presentation is available to download at the end of this page

Umesh Prabhu’s Biography:

Dr Umesh Prabhu is the Medical Director of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT (WWLFT). Following his own mistake in 1992, Umesh developed keen interest in patient safety, medical errors, why doctors make mistakes, professional regulation and medical leadership. Umesh was Consultant Paediatrician (1992-2010), Clinical Lead for Paediatrics (1992-1998), Medical Director of Bury NHS Trust (1998-203), NPSA Board Member (2001-2003), NCAS Adviser since 2003, Clinical Adviser for Paediatrics complaints to Healthcare Commissioner (2001-2004). In 2010 Umesh was appointed as the MD of WWLFT.

Umesh has given many national lectures and conducted many workshops regarding patient safety, medical errors, professional regulation, medical leadership, clinical governance and revalidation.

Future conferences of interest:

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Thursday 3 December 2015, Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

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Wednesday 9 December 2015, ICO Conference Centre, London

Masterclass: Root Cause Analysis for Beginners
Monday 18 January 2016, Cavendish Conference Centre, London

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Friday 22 January 2016, Hallam Conference Centre, London

Presentation Skills Masterclass
Wednesday 27 January 2016, Hallam Conference Centre, London

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Wednesday 24 February 2016, ICO Conference Centre, London

Download: web-umesh-prabhu_1233.pdf

3 November 2015


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