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Psychological Therapies in the NHS

Friday 22 March 2019
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

Psychological Therapies in the NHS
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12th Annual New Savoy Conference​

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This year’s one-day national assembly, in a departure from our previous events, will bring together key leaders in mental health and key stakeholders from across a range of expertise and experience who we need to help us chart a sane way forward from Brexit, what Brexit?  Mark Easton, BBC Home Affairs Correspondent will open the conference with a discussion looking at how we can mitigate the impact of Brexit on mental health. Throughout the day the conference will centre around national updates including the NICE Depression Guidance (still in development), implications of the Wessely review of the Mental Health Act, progress of the 5 Year Forward View and access to all NICE recommended talking therapies, the annual NSP/BPS staff wellbeing survey (please complete the survey before the closing deadline of 6th March 2019), austerity, and the impact of the NHS Long-Term Plan on mental health, particularly services for children and young people, and how we take it forward. 

A choice of workshops will cover; workforce wellbeing, innovative research, and innovative therapy models.  

Speakers include:
Amra Rao Chair, Leadership & Management Faculty, British Psychological Society
Dr Gita Bhutani, Clinical Psychologist & Chair, North West Psychological Professions Network
Professor Pete Bower, University of Manchester
Professor Patrick Luyten, UCL & University of Leuven
Edward Davie, Lambeth Labour Councillor, Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care, Mental Health Foundation Communities Lead
Paul Farmer CBE Chair, Five Year Forward View & CEO, MIND

"The fundamental issue, of course, will be austerity. In 2008 we promised to help those with chronic depression and incapacity, and all those who were most vulnerable to the impact of the financial crash. But when you look at areas that voted for Brexit, rising antidepressant usage, and the pattern of service provision for their under-resourced talking therapies, it is clear we failed. Tim Kendall, national clinical lead, and Claire Murdoch CBE, national director for mental health, have both said the NHS cannot solve these problems on its own. Nor will the long-term plan for mental health be able to succeed unless our different disciplines and expertise can come together and support it. How do we re-engage our diverse disciplines and experts by experience with the real-life stories of social injustice, working lives beset by insecurity, with communities and people who feel left behind, unwanted? How do we make good on respect for human rights and dignity following the MHA Review? Our National Assembly will revisit these questions."
Jeremy Clarke CBE, Chair, New Savoy Conferences

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