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Falls Summit 2019: Reducing Inpatient Falls & Harm from Inpatient Falls

Monday 11 February 2019
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

Falls Summit 2019: Reducing Inpatient Falls & Harm from Inpatient Falls
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This 2019 falls summit focuses on reducing inpatient falls, and harm from inpatient falls. Through national updates, practical case studies and learning from the latest National Audit of Inpatient Falls, the conference will provide a step by step guide to implementing the multiple interventions that have been proven to reduce falls in your service.

“Inpatient falls are common and can be life-changing for patients. They cost the NHS and social care an estimated £630 million annually. In 2017 approximately 250,000 patients had a fall in hospital.” 2017 National Audit of Inpatient Falls (NAIF)

“An 800-bed hospital will have an average of 1,500 inpatient falls per year costing approximately £2,600 per patient. Falls are associated with increased length of stay additional surgery and unplanned treatment. Multiple interventions by the multidisciplinary team and tailored to the patient can reduce falls by 20–30%” 2017 National Audit of Inpatient Falls (NAIF)

“The National Audit of Inpatient Falls (NAIF) is transitioning from its previous methodology – snapshot audit in 2015 and 2017 – to a new methodology to enable continuous audit. The continuous audit will be introduced incrementally, starting with a condensed preliminary dataset which will begin data collection from 1 January 2019.” Royal College of Physicians 2018

“If inpatients falls are reduced by as much as 25-30%, this could result in an annual saving of up to £170 million” NHS Improvement

“Although the prevention of inpatient falls across hospitals in England and Wales has improved slightly, many patients are not receiving the required assessments which can help prevent falls in hospitals” Royal College of Physicians

Benefits of attending.
This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with colleagues who are working to reduce inpatient falls, and harm from inpatient falls
  • Understand the national context including the National Audit of Inpatient Falls move to continuous audit from 2019
  • Ensure effective implementation and learning from the 2017 National Audit of Inpatient Falls
  • Demonstrate monitoring and improvement against the NICE Falls quality standard
  • Improve care for patients by reducing inpatient falls, and harm from inpatient falls in your service
  • Learn from trusts who have developed multifaceted inpatient falls prevention programmes that work
  • Understand how you can reduce harm from inpatient falls particularly focusing on inpatient hip fracture
  • Understand the root causes of inpatient falls, and how to investigate an inpatient fall
  • Learn how you can prevent deconditioning in hospitals to reduce falls by encouraging patients to sit up, get dressed, start moving and #endPJparalysis
  • Reflect on case studies to reduce related to medication including desprescribing of falls-risk medicines,  underlying health issues including blood pressure monitoring, and falls related to mental health issues
  • Self assess and reflect on your own practice
  • Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence

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