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Welcome to Healthcare Conferences UK

Healthcare Conferences UK organises and produces high quality healthcare conferences and exhibitions with a specialist interest in a clinical audience. Our events support knowledge sharing, professional development and take a practical approach to learning through case study based best practice. We look forward to welcoming you to our conferences.


Cancer Survivorship Summit: Improving outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer

Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding

Learning from Serious Incidents: Implementing the National Guidance on Learning from Deaths

Nurse Prescribing for Pain

Non-Medical Prescribing for Pain

Towards Zero Suicide: Preventing Suicide, Saving Lives

Measuring & Monitoring Patient Safety: Patient Safety Surveillance in Real Time


Delivering Excellence in Recovery Oriented Services in Mental Health

Investigation of Deaths in NHS Trusts: Implementing the NQB & CQC Recommendations

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Implementing the NICE Guidance & updated Quality Standard on Diabetic Foot Problems Prevention and Management

Effective Non-Medical Prescribing in End of Life Care

Effective Nurse Prescribing in End of Life Care

Setting up and running Virtual Clinics

Delivering a Paperless NHS: Intelligent Electronic Document Management in Healthcare

Complaints Handling, Investigating, Resolving and Learning for Clinicians and Managers in Health and Social Care

Deteriorating Patient Summit

Caldicott Guardian Leadership Summit 2017

Electronic Prescribing in Mental Health

Consultant Job Planning

Clinical Audit for Improvement

Medically Unexplained Symptoms/Somatic Symptom Disorder National Summit 2017

Managing Doctors in Difficulty and Difficult Doctors

Using Quality Improvement Approaches to Improve Care Pathways in Mental Health

Root Cause Analysis Review & Quality Assurance Masterclass


Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Hospital at Night Summit: Delivering a 24/7 Hospital

Reducing Medication Errors National Summit 2017

Masterclass: Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management of Eating Disorders

Improving Physical Health Outcomes for people with Mental Health Conditions

Presentation Skills Masterclass

Developing the Role of the Physician Associate

Improving Ward Round Process and Practice

Violence and aggression: short-term management of violent and physically threatening behaviour among adults, children and young people with a mental health problem

Improving Patient Flow Masterclass

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Nurse Clinics 2017

Adult Safeguarding Summit 2017: Improving Adult Safeguarding Practice Decision Making, User Involvement & Outcomes

Emergency Day Surgery Summit

Masterclass: The Duty of Candour in Practice

Improving Mental Health Crisis Care

Driving Improvement: Learning lessons and sharing good practice from Trusts who have demonstrated significant improvement through CQC Inspections

Clinical Audit Masterclass

Difficult Encounters Masterclass

Eating Disorders Summit: Implementing the new NICE guidelines

IAPT: Improving Psychological Therapies for Older People

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Effective Operating Theatres Summit

Dual Diagnosis: Implementing the NICE Guidance

Demonstrating & Improving Prescribing Competence & Practice: Implementing the National competency framework for all prescribers

Demonstrating & Improving Nurse Prescribing Competence & Practice: Implementing the National competency framework for all prescribers

Controlled Drugs Summit: Safe Use, Prescribing and Management

Digital Imaging 2017: Radiology Information Systems and PACS

Implementing Criteria to Assist Patient Discharge from Hospital

Falls Prevention and Management in Older People

Setting Up and Running Virtual Clinics

New Savoy Conferences presents Disrupting IAPT: can digital pathways 'change the game'?

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Root Cause Analysis: 1 Day Intensive Training Course

Mental Health Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Providing Emotional First Aid for Refugees: Third Annual Conference

IV Therapy Summit: Improving quality and safety including effective IV Therapy at home (OPAT)

Pressure Ulcers Summit

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards: Towards Liberty Protection Safeguards: Implications of the 2017 Law Commission Report

Ward Manager Summit: Developing your skills as an Effective Ward Manager

Root Cause Analysis Review & Quality Assurance Masterclass

Improving Psychological Therapies For Mental Health Trauma National Summit 2017

National PROMs Summit 2017

Masterclass: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

In-depth legal masterclass: Informed Consent After Lanarkshire

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Nurse Prescribing in Cancer Care

Non Medical Prescribing in Cancer Care

Patient Leadership Summit

January 2018

Electronic Prescribing In Hospitals: Moving Forward

Multimorbidity Summit

Achieving the 5 Year Forward View in Perinatal Mental Health Services

Care of Dying Adults in the last days of life: Improving Care and ensuring adherence to the NICE National Quality Standard

The Caldicott Guardian 2018: Ethical Decision Making & The Duty of Candour

National NICE Quality Standard for Chronic Kidney Disease in Adults

Improving the Ambulance Response: Meeting the New Ambulance Service Standards

Sepsis: Implementing the New National Quality Standard

Effective Discharge Planning and Practice

Masterclass: Creating Caring Cultures: Getting Started

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

Smoking Cessation in Mental Health

Effective Clinical Director

Getting Patients Up, Dressed and Moving


Improving End of Life for People with Dementia

Implementing the 2017 Quality standard on Transition between Mental Health Settings

Clinical Audit for Improvement in Mental Health

Nurse Prescribing Summit 2018

Effective Non-Medical Prescribing in End of Life Care

Effective Nurse Prescribing in End of Life Care

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Clinical Audit Summit 2018: Clinical Audit for Improvement


Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Caldicott Guardians: National Annual Summit 2018

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course


Nurse Clinics 2018

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