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About the HCUK Group

Healthcare Conferences UK, Social Care Conferences UK & Education Conferences UK are part of the HCUK Group

Our experience

We run over 300 CPD certified events a year attracting between 25 and 600 delegates. We are the largest independent organiser of healthcare and social care conferences in the UK and as such have expert knowledge of the market. In 2022 we launched Education Conferences UK. 

Our conferences range from small masterclasses and in house events through to two days with multiple conference streams and workshops per day, social events in the evening, and large independent exhibitions.

The group of companies has three Directors all of which are owners and work within the organisation: Clare Gallagher, Managing Director, Kerry Tarrant, Marketing Director and Peter Gallagher, Finance Director. The current company turnover is just under £2M. The company was founded in July 2011. In May 2022 Joanna Milne joined as Head of New Markets to develop Education Conferences UK. 

In December 2019 we were delighted to win the 2019 ABPCO Excellence award for Best Agency Conference Organiser, we were also finalists for the 2020 ABPCO Excellence Award for Best In House Conference. More recently we are pleased to be winners of the Business of the Year award at the 2021 SME National Business Awards, along with our MD Clare Gallagher winning Business Woman of the Year. In 2022 we are finalists of the Conference & Events Awards and AEO Excellence Awards. 

We make a difference
On average 93.6% of delegates attending healthcare conferences in early 2021 said the learning would have a positive impact on patient experience and outcomes:

“It is good to hear what other units are doing so we can adapt some of their best practise for our own unit.”

“Now have a better handle on how to really involve parents in reviews in a real way”

“Overall a stimulating day - lots of good ideas shared to improve outcomes for women and babies”

“There were lots of little nuggets that will be stored away and used subsequently but the session about liver failure was particularly useful as I was dealing with someone with decompensated liver disease at the time.”

“I have gained information on OOH palliative care team and I am keen to introduce provisions in my areas for advanced care planning and communicating this information to other services who may be involved in a person’s care.”

“It has given me ideas that I can pursue in my own clinical areas”

“Regular updates like this fuel confidence in NMP and awareness of new developments in cardiology inspires innovation in practice.”

“It will influence my approach to incidents, families and staff and I hope that I can influence my colleagues in a similar way.”

“There was lots of extremely useful learning to take away from today. I made some very useful contacts as well which I will be following up with and expect future work to develop as a result.”

“We are setting up a new ED service, this valuable session had inspired many ideas, for instance regarding access for males and working alongside carers.”

"Will support me to make sure my team guidelines for falls assessment are up to date with best evidence. I will also be able to give further education to my team to make sure patients are getting the best assessment when we see them."

"I have lots of plans in my new role as Trust wide Falls Lead. I am hoping to share the ideas I have got more widely to hopefully improve how we manage falls especially in our inpatients. I have also now got names of people elsewhere within the country whom I can contact for ideas and share learning"

“This conference has helped me to think about my prescribing practice and wider implications of prescribing for patients who are at the end of their life. Sharing practice is essential for all of us, and this conference has definitely enabled this.”

“All the speakers had very good points and information that I will use in my day to day work and is invaluable in my learning to become a non-medical prescriber. All speakers had great advice for the current and aspiring non-medical prescribers and I would recommend this conference to colleagues in palliative care.”

“The knowledge I gain today will be useful in dealing with my patients in O & G; and I am sure prevent some errors in future.”

“It has given me the guidance I needed to become a DPP and understand the process more”

“I will be able to use the learning to support our NMPs to be DPPs which will allow more staff to undertake the NMP course which can only have a positive outcome for patients.”

"I will be able to take back what I have learned to my colleagues to positively affect our service and possibly plan for service improvement"

“I had never heard of soft signs and yet we use our clinical intuition all the time. I've been signposted to lots of teaching aids and information to take back to my Trust”

93.63% taken from a random selection of 6 conferences. Feedback from various audiences across a selection of recent events 8.2.21

In 2014 we undertook a survey of all delegates in the last two years to answer the question

“Does healthcare conference attendance impact on practice/service/patient care?”

The aim of the report was to understand the impact of conference attendance on practice/service/patient care, and the value of networking post conference. The report was initiated by a discussion on twitter about the value of healthcare conferences and whether they were as some stated “just a jolly for doctors”.

Our evaluations which are completed when delegates leave the event at the end of the day demonstrated that 91% of HCUK delegates rated the event as excellent or good and 96% of our delegates would recommend the event to a colleague. However what we had no evidence of was whether attendance at the conference had any real impact on practice/service and patient care beyond attendance when delegates return to their organisation.

We sent a survey to all delegates who have attended our events in the last 2 years. We have had over 260 responses to this survey to date. The results are as follows which include both the free text comments and the percentages who answered the questions

Findings: 81% of those who responded to the survey said that attendance at a HCUK conference had impacted on their practice/service/patient care. Of the 19% who said it had not, 91% of those said that attendance had been useful in validating/confirming their current practice. In actual numbers only 3 people said that the conference had not had an impact or been useful in validating current practice.

We also asked whether the conference was useful for networking and whether the delegate had made contact with anyone from the event since the conference. 72% of delegates responded positively to this question.

“The events we have exhibited at have provided our organisation with an opportunity to network and share good practice with senior representatives from Health and Social Care settings. Also to have the opportunity to hear from some excellent speakers within the conference and discuss some very interesting and relevant topics”

RESPECT Training at NAViGO

Putting the patient/service user at the centre

We believe in involving patients and service users in everything we do. Patients are regular speakers at our events, and facilitators of our masterclasses. We offer free places for patient and service users at all of our conferences. We have involved patients in the development of programmes and we have worked with organisations such as the National Service User Network (NSUN) and Patient Leaders such as Jonathan Hope and Paul Scates to develop jointly produced conferences and programmes.

Our knowledge

We have 20+ years experience working in health and social care — which means we really know the NHS: all its constituent bodies, trusts, specialities, and disciplines including organisations related to it.

As importantly, we are very aware of the issues that concern all their staff.

This familiarity comes from having researched, planned, marketed and organised events for every level of clinician, practitioner and manager in trusts and local authorities from board director to healthcare assistants, and in specialities that include pharmacy, ambulatory care, anaesthesia, cardiology, elderly care, mental health, orthopaedics, paediatrics, palliative care, surgery, and many more.

In 2022 Joanna Milne joined the company to lead on Education Conferences UK. With over 10 years’ experience working in the education sector, Joanna leads the research and development of conferences, online learning and masterclasses for headteachers, senior leaders, teachers and administration staff.  A wide range of topics include staff and pupil mental health, SEND, safeguarding, pastoral care, Ofsted inspection and school attendance, tackling issues that matter the most to staff in schools to help them to drive improvement.  

If you would like to find out more about HCUK please email clare@hc-uk.org.uk


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