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Healthcare Conferences UK organises and produces high quality healthcare conferences and exhibitions with a specialist interest in a clinical audience. Our events support knowledge sharing, professional development and take a practical approach to learning through case study based best practice. We look forward to welcoming you to our conferences.


NHS Complaints Summit 2019

Falls Prevention & Management in Older People: Reducing Falls and Harm from Falls


Clinical Audit Masterclass

Hip Fracture Summit 2019: Ensuring Adherence to the NICE National Quality Standard

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Driving Quality Improvement: Meeting and Measuring Progress Against the CQC Quality Ratings

Leading Digital Transformation: Developing Your Skills as a Digital Leader

Sexual Abuse & Mental Health - Reducing the Impact of Abuse on Mental Health

Adult Safeguarding Summit 2019: Improving Adult Safeguarding Practice, Decision Making, User Involvement & Outcomes

A Practical Guide to Effective Nurse Prescribing in Mental Health

A Practical Guide to Effective Non-Medical Prescribing in Mental Health

Reducing and Improving the Use of Restrictive Interventions & Practice

Clinical Audit for Improvement in Mental Health

Information Governance NHS Summit 2019: Ensuring Compliance with GDPR in Health and Social care

Decision Making and Mental Capacity: Ensuring Best Practice & Adherence to the 2018 NICE Guidance

Applying the Care Act 2014; Making legally literate decisions about personal budgets 

Handling Concerns about Fitness to Practise: Managing Complaints and Concerns about Nurses & Midwives, and supporting Nurses & Midwives in Difficulty

Optimisation of Electronic Prescribing in Hospitals National Summit 2019

IV Therapy Summit: Difficult Venous Access & Improving Practice with Uncompliant Patients

A Practical Guide to Tackling Bullying in the NHS

Improving the Physical Health Outcomes of People with Serious Mental Illness

Giving Evidence at Coroner's Court

Group Consultations: Delivering Shared Medical Appointments by a Clinician in a Supportive Peer Group Setting


Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Controlled Drugs Summit: Ensuring the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs - Diversion & Abuse, Prescribing & Use

Pressure Ulcers: Monitoring, Reporting & Improvement

Improving Outcomes Through Digital Psychological Therapies & Digital IAPT

Social Media - A working tool for healthcare

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Medically Unexplained Symptoms / Somatic Symptom Disorder Improving the Primary Care Response

Masterclass: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Transforming Outpatient Services

Information Governance & Digital Communications in Healthcare

Responding to Concerns About Medical Practice

Supporting the Emotional and Mental Health Needs of People Living with and Beyond Cancer

Hospital at Night Summit: Improving Out of Hours Care in Hospitals

Improving Dementia Care in Hospital: Ensuring Adherence to the NICE Guideline

Improving Services & Outcomes for People who Self Harm

Strengths Based Social Work: Applying the Strengths Based Practice Framework for Professional Practice in Adult Social Work

Effective Non-Medical Prescribing in End of Life Care

Effective Nurse Prescribing in End of Life Care

Improving Radiology Reporting: Digital Imaging Summit 2019

Masterclass: The Duty of Candour in Practice

Saving Babies Lives: Reducing Still Birth - Second National Conference

Towards Zero Suicide: Preventing Suicide, Saving Lives

Reducing Long Hospital Stays: Improving Patient Flow, Discharge Practice and Admission Avoidance

Caldicott Principles & Information Sharing in End of Life Care

Improving the Assessment and Management of People Experiencing Mental Health Crisis in Emergency Care

A Practical Guide to Developing Your Skills as an Effective Clinical Director


Caldicott Guardian Training Course


Root Cause Analysis: 1 Day Intensive Training Course

Root Cause Analysis Review & Quality Assurance Masterclass

Setting Up And Running Virtual Clinics

A Practical Guide to Serious Incident Investigation & Learning

Improving End of Life Care for People with Dementia

Leading Quality Improvement in Healthcare Masterclass

Investigation of Deaths & Serious Incidents in Mental Health Services

Ward Accreditation for Quality

Improving Access, Treatment and Support for People with a Diagnosis of Personality Disorder

Patient Experience Insight Summit: Demonstrating Responsiveness to Feedback

Falls Prevention & Management in Older People Reducing falls and harm from falls

Care of Dying Adults in the Last Days of Life: Improving Care and Ensuring Adherence to the NICE National Quality Standard

Nurse Prescribing in Cancer Care

Non Medical Prescribing in Cancer Care

Hip Replacement as a Day Case: Reducing Length of Stay & Improving Outcomes

Delirium Prevention, Assessment and Effective Management

Liberty Protection Safeguards: Implementation of the 2018 Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill

A Practical Guide to Human Factors in Healthcare

The Caldicott Guardian 2019: Ethical Decision Making & The Duty of Candour

Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding: Responding to Self Neglect & Hoarding

Clinical Leadership Masterclass


Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Supporting & Developing the Role of the Physician Associate

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

Clinical Audit Leadership Summit 2019

Caldicott Guardian Leadership Summit 2019


Presentation Skills Masterclass

Team Job Planning: Learn how to construct, implement and enable a team through team job planning

Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Nurse Clinics 2019

Root Cause Analysis: 1 Day Intensive Training Course

Root Cause Analysis Review & Quality Assurance Masterclass

What is a Proactive Safety Culture? Masterclass


Caldicott Guardian Training Course

Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

In-house conferences and masterclasses & Event Management serviceExhibition and Sponsorship

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