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New GPhC Guidance for Pharmacist Prescribers

The GPhC has released new guidance for pharmacist prescribers to ensure safe and effective pharmacist prescribing. 

The Guidance covers five key areas that pharmacist prescribers must consider in order to prescribe safe and effectively. These are:

  1. Taking responsibility for prescribing safely
  2. Keeping up to date and prescribing within their level of competence
  3. Working in partnership with other healthcare professionals and persons seeking care
  4. Prescribing considerations and clinic judgement
  5. Raising concerns

Continue reading at www.pharmacyregulation.org

 “This new guidance comes at a time when we are seeing rapid growth in the number of pharmacist prescribers working across a variety of settings throughout Great Britain. We have seen the number of prescribers on our register double since 2016. This new guidance clearly outlines what they need to consider in order to provide safe and effective patient-centred care.   “Furthermore, the guidance sets out the responsibilities of organisations that employ pharmacist prescribers, including having risk management and governance arrangements in place to protect patient safety."

Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive, GPhC