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National Audit of Care at the End of Life

“The National Audit of Care at the End of Life (NACEL) is a comparative audit of the quality and outcomes of care in England and Wales experienced by the dying person and those important to them during the last admission leading to death. It looks at care in acute, community hospitals and mental health inpatient providers.

Around a quarter of a million people die in hospital each year in England and Wales and the audit results suggest 75% of bereaved people feel that this was the right place for the person important to them to die. This audit reviews how people’s preferences regarding care at the end of life are identified, discussed and implemented during their last admission in acute and community hospitals.

The audit, undertaken during 2018/19, comprised:

  • an Organisational Level Audit covering trust/University Health Board (UHB) and hospital/submission level questions
  • a Case Note Review completed by acute and community providers only, which reviewed all deaths in April 2018 (acute providers) or deaths in April – June 2018 (community providers)
  • a Quality Survey completed online, or by telephone, by the bereaved person” www.hqip.org.uk

Download the full report here

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