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NHS to offer cancer patients 'prehab' fitness plan 'to boost recovery'

Newly-diagnosed cancer patients are to be offered NHS gym sessions before they start chemotherapy, in the hope of boosting the speed of their recovery.

Thousands will be invited to sign up for a "prehab" fitness programme within 48 hours of being diagnosed. The aim is to make patients "match fit" ahead of chemotherapy or major surgery.

Experts hope a regime of three fitness sessions a week will reduce the time patients spend in hospital by "priming" them for their recovery. A mix of high intensity cardio workouts and strength-based training, plus nutritional advice and mental health support, will be made available.

Although patients would be referred for "prehab" within 48 hours of their diagnosis, the start date for the fitness plan may vary on a case by case basis following consultation with a doctor.

More than 500 patients are already taking part in the exercise programme in Greater Manchester, while another 2,000 are expected to participate over the next two years.

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Similar services are being run in London, Leicester and Yorkshire.

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Source: BBC News 26th December 2019