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New how-to guide launched to help set up more Virtual Clinics

UCL Partners publish new 'How-to guide: non face-to-face clinics' on 11th February 2020. The guide includes a range of resources aimed at supporting colleagues / partners in the planning and implementation of non face-to-face models of care such as Skype consultations and telemedicine clinics. 

"Data suggests that many traditional outpatient appointments are not required. As a result, the NHS Long Term Plan promotes "the adoption of new, digitally enabled, models in primary and outpatient care."  Through outpatient transformation, the NHS has set a target of avoiding up to a third of face-to-face outpatient visits during the next five years. This will remove the need for up to 30 million outpatient appointments each year. Additionally, the Topol review was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to explore how to prepare the healthcare workforce, through education and training, to deliver a digital future. The review highlights how technological developments are likely to change the roles and functions of clinical staff during the next two decades. It also recognises the need to "prepare the workforce for embracing new ways of working with technology to address the increasing demand on health and care service." Continue reading here

Virtual clinics are increasingly being used in healthcare to reduce outpatient appointments, reduce DNA rates, save money and ensure the patients that do need to be seen face to face by a consultant have enough dedicated time.