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National Data Guardian publish blog, 4th October 2021

Data-driven innovation: why confidentiality and transparency must underpin the nation’s bright vision for the future of health and care.

A blog from the National Data Guardian about why, as the momentum for data-driven innovation builds, it is crucial that we don't lose sight of why transparency and the duty of confidence are so important within health and care:

"People need to trust that they can share information in confidence with those responsible for their care without worrying how it will be used, by the police or others. And health professionals need to trust that that confidential information they routinely collect as part of care will not be used in ways that could negatively impact care, or which may be at odds with their professional and ethical duties and obligations to their patients."

"Decisions about data use require not only expert data protection knowledge regarding what’s lawful, but practical and professional wisdom and experience to consider what would be ethical and right, balancing potential benefits against the avoidance of future harms."

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