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Supporting Nurses in Difficulty & Improving Wellbeing and Mental Health in Nursing

News and updates from today's conference:

Stephen Jones
Professional Lead for Mental Health
The Royal College of Nursing

Supporting nurses and midwives through and beyond Covid-19
• supporting nurses and midwives through the pandemic
• what issues are we seeing? 
• the importance of self care during Covid-19
• ensuring safe staffing levels 
• supporting staff through bereavement and loss
• the essential role of the Ward Leader  
• Is the culture at the workplace right? Policies and procedures in use?

Stephen opened his presentation by talking about excess workload and burnout. 
A number of surveys were done during the pandemic  - 42,000 nurses were asked about the impact of Covid-19 and how the crisis has changed their role. 

‘Surprisingly 88% said they were still passionate about working in the profession.’

‘50% worried about their well-being and mental health.’

Stephen went on to explain what Moral Distress is. ‘Its when you know the ethically correct action to take but you are restrained from taking it’

‘During covid-19 There were increased incidents of Moral Distress, Staff felt anxious and concerned, they felt they could not give enough to patients and worried for their safety’

Stephen went on to explain about how looking to prevent moral distress.  – ‘Ideas are for staff to take breaks and annual leave, educate the workforce to recognise the risk of moral distress as well as effective clinical and managerial supervision.’

Stephen launched a poll for the group and asked them What Team leaders could do to support the well being of nurses – some of the answers that came back were – 
Prioritise Staff care
Be firm on taking breaks
Appropriate training and psychology support. 

Stephen then asked another question – Top tips for nurses supporting their own mental well being: 
Take Breaks
Express how you feel – self care
Talk when you have a problem

The presentation concluded with advice on how to support people through bereavement.

Diane Sarkar MBE 
Chief Nursing & Quality Officer
Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Covid-19: Supporting nurses' psychological and mental health
• stresses and challenges
• the essentials of a good psychological support programme 
• developing peer and team support networks 
• effective interventions for supporting nurses  

Diane discussed what our values and behaviours are in nursing – 

‘Excellence – in care is at the heart of everything we do’
‘Compassionate – We act with care and compassion’
‘Respectful – Appreciate the value of eachother.’

Diane went on to discuss the issues and challenges that came up during the pandemic and how her trust overcame these. 

Diane said ‘It’s ok not to be ok’ 
‘Be kind, caring and compassionate and look after each other’


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