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Developing your skills as an Effective Ward Manager

Wendy Preston

Head of Nursing Practice
The Royal College of Nursing


• characteristics of an Effective Ward Manager
• the Ward Manager role
• Ward Leadership during and beyond Covid-19 including managing redeployment
• what support do Ward Managers need?

Wendy introduced herself to the conference going through her experience as a Ward Manager for 10 years, as well as her extensive experience in primary care.

Further in to the conference, Wendy asked the conference "what 'hats' do you wear?" with many of the responses being in leadership. She then went on to discuss the challenges of leadership during the pandemic.

Wendy shared insight on how the analytical thought process of solving problems in business are just as useful in the role of a Ward Manager, further describing how the roles are similar.

She then introduced the new 'Nursing Workforce Standards' which applies to every nurse working in healthcare, commenting that feedback for these new standards have been overwhelmingly positive. These standards can serve as a guide for their role and allow them to recognise when standards are not being met.


Leah Callighan
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


• what I wish I’d known
• tips and advice for aspiring Ward Managers
• leading by example
• the highs and the lows of the role

Leah started her conference discussing what she learned going from Junior Ward Sister to Ward Manager, describing how there was a lot more to the role than she initially thought.

She specifically pointed out the challenges of giving and receiving feedback in management, and how it has to be treated as not something personal and purely professional.

Naming a few points she learned to be an effective Ward Manager, she mentioned leading by example, being a good mentor and providing support, as well as challenging yourself and being open to change.

Leah pointed to Gareth Southgate as an example of a good leader because he shows empathy and compassion while having the ability to challenge performance and correct poor behaviour.

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