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Caldicott Principles & Information Sharing - Children & Young People

Chair's Welcome and Introduction: National Caldicott Guardian Update

Christopher Fincken 
Former Chair
UK Caldicott Guardian Council

Opening todays conference is Former Chair for the UK Caldicott Guardian Council- Christopher Fincken 

• principles of information sharing: children and young people


Improving information sharing whilst ensuring patient confidentiality for children and young people My experience as a Caldicott Guardian & Paediatrician

Dr Sarah Aylett
Caldicott Guardian & Consultant Paediatric Neurologist
Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah started off her talk speaking about her experience as a Caldicott Guardian for Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She explained the importance of  working closely with the information governance team as a Caldicott Guardian. 

Sarah closed her talk saying that “As a child and young person matures they should be involved in disclosure and confidentiality and health information issues”

• information sharing in children’s services: applying the Caldicott Principles
• what issues do I see as a Caldicott Guardian? Examples in practice
• issues around consent and information sharing with relatives
• challenges around young adults


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