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Stop the Pressure: Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Management Conference

News and presentations from today's Stop the Pressure: Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Management chaired by Professor Jackie Stephen-Haynes, Professor in Wound Healing, Birmingham City University.

Addressing Diversity in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa
Pathway Lead Community Nursing (District Nursing) University of Surrey & Member, Stop the Pressure Clinical Workstream
The National Wound Care Strategy Programme

• skin tone diversity and pressure ulcers 
• addressing the focus on redness as an early indicator of pressure damage

Neesha started her fascinating session with where it all came from - firstly when she set out to do the research she wanted to see how carers worked with people with darker skin tones with pressure ulcers but found that there was nothing out there already. 

She wanted to find out exactly why this wasn't being taught in nursing education, revealing everything she discovered in this presentation. It was a very insightful talk with a lot of surprises.

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