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Prehabilitation: Principles & Practice for Supporting Patients to Get Fit for Surgery/Treatment

News and updates on today's conference focusing on Prehabilitation Principles and Practice, providing a practical guide to delivering an effective prehabilitation programme, ensuring patients are fit and optimised for surgery/treatment.

Tony Collier BEM

Prehab4Cancer Patient Representative

Tony is one of two patient representatives for a prehab/rehab programme in Greater Manchester, Prehab4Cancer as well as for a new initiative EMRaCE-GM.

Tony discussed his personal story being a cancer patient and also his relationship with excercise. 

Tony shared a quote by Dr John Moore which read "We no longer need to prove that prehab/rehab benefits cancer patients. It's now a given".

Tony ended his talk by saying "I think the healthcare professionals are really good at treating cancer but not good at treating the patient".


 Zoe Merchant

Zoe Merchant

AHP Clinical Lead and Occupational Therapist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Zoe is the AHP Clinical Lead for the HSJ award-winning Prehab4Cancer and recovery programme (www.prehab4cancer.co.uk).

Zoe began her talk by saying "If you do some interventions you're preparing to maintain or improve that funtional baseline".

She continued "Prehab 4 Cancer was set up in Manchester in 2019, the model looks at nutrition, emotional wellbeing and excercise"

Zoe also said "Feedback we've had from patients is that being part of the programme makes them feel empowered by taking some control".


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