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A Practical Guide to Managing Doctors in Difficulty and Difficult Behaviour

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This conference aimed at senior clinicians, clinical directors, responsible officers, medical directors and clinical leads, focuses on managing and supporting doctors in difficulty and difficult behaviour. Managing colleagues in difficulty and doctors with difficult behaviour can be the most challenging element of a Clinical or Medical Directors role. This conference aims to support you to identify concerns early, diagnose the issues, and ensure effective intervention and support for doctors who are experiencing difficulty or demonstrating difficult behaviours. There will also be a focus on enhanced support during Covid-19.

“Medicine has always been a high-pressure career, but doctors are telling us that the demands on them are now so great they risk becoming unmanageable. As a result, their own health suffers, and patient care is compromised”

Charlie Massey, Chief Executive, GMC, Nov 2019

“Due consideration should and will be given to healthcare professionals and other staff who are using their skills under difficult circumstances due to lack of personnel and significant demand in a major pandemic… We all need to support one another during this time. It is, and is going to remain, hard going, but mutual support makes this prolonged crisis easier to manage personally as well as professionally.”

General Medical Council November 2020

Through national updates, case studies from experienced Medical and Clinical Directors, and in depth interactive sessions this conference will enable senior clinicians to manage concerns and work with doctors in difficulty, and understand the impact of individual behaviour on team dynamics and manage difficult behaviour and conduct. Extended interactive sessions will focus on managing and supporting doctors in difficulty, doctors experiencing physical or mental health concerns, and managing and working with difficult colleagues. The conference will also update delegates on employment law, and look at resolution of concerns around professional practice including remedial and developmental action with a presentation from Dr Joanna Hayman, Employer Liaison Advisor, General Medical Council.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Network with colleagues who are working support doctors in difficulty
  • Reflect on the journey of a Doctor with lived experience of mental health issues
  • Learn from outstanding practice in working with doctors to tackle unprofessional, difficult or disruptive behaviours which can impact on patient safety and outcomes
  • Understand the impact and pressure of Covid-19 on Doctors and ensure enhanced support during the pandemic 
  • Develop practical solutions to bring joy back into day to day practice
  • Reflect on national developments and learning
  • Explore the practicalities of managing doctors in difficulty from a Clinical Directors perspective
  • Improve the way concerns are identified and responded to
  • Develop your skills in managing and working with difficult behaviour
  • Understand how you can improve support for doctors experiencing mental health, physical health or clinical performance concerns
  • Identify key strategies for enabling resolution and remedial/developmental action
  • Understand the HR and Legal context

Chair & Speakers Include:

Dr Sue Elton

Clinical Lead, Yorkshire and the Humber Region
NHS Practitioner Health

Dr Anna Bailey

Employer Liaison Advisor
General Medical Council

Virtual Attendance

Our online virtual events include a combination of live webcam presentations, training materials, video sessions and interactive exercises and discussion.

All you need is a quiet space, a good internet connection and PC or laptop with camera and microphone to allow you to see, hear and speak to the facilitator and other delegates. We will provide full instructions for accessing the platform along with login details. 

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  • Network and engage with your key audience  
  • Generate new business leads
  • Gain exposure for your brand and raise the profile of your organisation
  • Understand the current needs of your audience and challenges they’re facing
  • Update your knowledge of national policy and local developments  


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