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Physician Associates and Junior Doctors

The evolving medical team: physician associates and junior doctors
https://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/news/evolving-medical-team-physician-associates-and-junior-doctors Date:  22 August 2019

Kate Straughton, President of the Faculty of Physician Associates will be giving a national update at the Physician Associate conference taking place in London on Monday 7th October 2019.  Here Kate and the BMA junior doctors committee deputy chair Dr Matthew Tuck answer some questions about the ongoing debate around medical associate professions (MAPs) in the NHS workforce after calls for the BMA to oppose MAPs being placed on the medical rota, being permitted to sit any postgraduate medical examination, and being used to fill medical locum vacancies and rota gaps.

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"PAs have a vital role to play, both in providing high-quality clinical care for our patients, but also as an extra source of support for trainee doctors and wider teams. Not everyone will agree with the profession, but I would like to understand the issues so that we can continue to develop together.

Where PAs have been successfully introduced, there is often clear support from clinical leadership, which is vital. It is important that consultants play a key role in building teams where the skills of PAs and trainees complement each other.

Consultants need to understand that PAs need development and learning opportunities, like any other profession, and that PAs and trainee doctors can both continue to learn, grow and thrive together in the clinical environment. The development and support of one role does not need to disadvantage the other. There is research that shows that having a PA on the team is not detrimental to the training of doctors."
Kate Straughton, President of the Faculty of Physician Associates, RCP

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