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Future professional standards for Physician Associates (PA) and Anaesthesia Associates

Interim standards for physician associates (PA) and anaesthesia associates (AA) were published by the GMC. These will come into effect when a PA or AA registers with them and after regulations begin. The guidance provided will give a framework for ethical decision making. PA’s & AA’s will be able to implement their own judgments in a variety of circumstances.

'Today's publication is another significant milestone marking the road to regulation for PAs and AAs. We hope the standards will generate positive conversations in multidisciplinary teams and elevate further the existing professionalism of these valued roles.’

Professor Colin Melville, Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards

The GMC will be giving an update on the regulation of Physician Associates at our forthcoming conference: Supporting & Developing the Role of the Physician Associate taking place virtually on 1st December 2021.  Helen Arrowsmith and Francesca Kitson-Woodhouse will cover:

  • looking ahead to regulation of Physician Associates
  • registration and revalidation processes
  • regulation in practice: professional standards advice for PAs

Find out more on the General Medical Council website www.gmc-uk.org/

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