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A Practical Guide to Developing Your Skills as an Effective Clinical Director

News and updates from today's Practical Guide to Developing Your Skills as an Effective Clinical Director virtual conference

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Through national updates and informative sessions from esteemed speakers this conference provides a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of other Clinical Directors and develop your skills as an effective Clinical Director. Jason Smith set the scene by introducing the day and gives an indepth overview of the role of and what defines an excellent Clinical Director. 

Amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, adaptation of healthcare systems, with strong medical leadership, has been integral to coping with the ever-changing situation.

The British Journal of Hospital Medicine 2020


Chair's Welcome and Introduction: What makes an excellent Clinical Director?

Mr Jason Smith
Consultant Surgeon, and Divisional Medical Director
Planned Care and Surgery
Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

• the Clinical Directors role
• challenges and learning from the pandemic
• responsibilities: strategic, directorate and individual
• leadership qualities required for the role
• accountability of Clinical Directors
• supporting Clinical Directors under pressure through Covid-19
• the Clinical Directors role in driving improvement: learning from our experience
• where next for current Clinical Director

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Developing your skills as a Clinical Director

Dr Rebecca Barker
Clinical Director, Consultant Anaesthetist, Head of Service Haematology
Deputy Service Director & Clinical Lead for Anaesthesia

PreOp Clinical Lead
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


• leading through a crisis – taking the team with you
• transforming from a sprint to a marathon – emergency management to long term change
• rapid feedback loops and experiential learning – build back better

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Next we had Dr Rebecca Barker's session where there was a lot of important information for aspiring and current Clinical Directors. The session start with introduction to their background. Following on she discussed the importance and how to lead through a crisis, which is particularly relevant especially during the pandemic and Covid-19 with a reflection on what they have learnt including but not limited to the importance of engagement, staff wellbeing, career development and compassionate patient centred care.

  • Influence
  • Lead
  • Inspire
  • Innovation
  • Champion change
  • Peer driven

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