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Virtual Reality in Mental Health, Neurological and Rehabilitative Therapies



On-Demand virtual training

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This on-demand conference focuses on the practical and developing application of Virtual Reality technology in mental health and psychological neurological and rehabilitative therapies.

“In the not too distant future, instead of prescribing medication, doctors might recommend a holiday to ease aches and pains. Psychiatrists might treat social anxiety by inviting patients to a social occasion, or reminisce with alzheimer patients in a replica of their childhood home. Hospitals might immerse children in virtual play environments while they receive physical health treatment or undergo medical exams. These ideas aren’t just mere fantasy. Virtual reality (VR) creates immersive, multisensory environments that can encourage us to believe we are somewhere, or someone else. We are already seeing VR being used to treat PTSD, to encourage physical rehabilitation, to help patients relax pre or post-surgery, or to help mothers manage pain during childbirth. VR isn’t a gimmick or for gamers only, its gaining speed as a method of health care treatment and support. Join us to find out more….”

Chair of Conference - Ross O'Brien, Associate Director of Innovation and Technology, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust; & Programme Lead, London Digital IAPT Steering Group, Healthy London Partnerships, November 2020

This on-demand conference will enable you to:

• Understand the national context and potential
• Learn from established practice case studies
• Reflect on the lived experience of the benefits of virtual reality 
• Reflect on case studies in various areas where virtual reality is being implemented in mental health practice
• Understand the practicalities of implementing Virtual Reality
• Learn from case studies including
- Community based VR working with Children, Older Adults in Care Homes 
- the use of Virtual Reality in Phobias
- using VR to reach traumatised families struggling after the Grenfell Tower fire
- Immersive Story Telling and Mental Health
- Distraction Therapy, Dementia and VR
- VR for mindfulness 
- personalised VR 
- Children’s Rehabilitation and VR
- VR and Hydrotherapy
- VR and the treatment of pain in the community and hospital settings

Ross O'Brien

Chair London Digital IAPT Steering Group, Healthy London Partnerships/NHS England & Deputy Director Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service

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