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Integrating Triple Loop Learning Principles in Learning from Errors

Discover the power of learning from errors in patient safety through this comprehensive Masterclass, which integrates triple loop learning principles to foster deep understanding and effective implementation of best practices. Gain invaluable skills and tools to identify, analyse, and learn from errors, while building a culture of continuous improvement within your healthcare organization.

The masterclass on Learning from Errors in Patient Safety, incorporating Triple Loop Learning principles, is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively identify, analyse, and learn from errors in patient care.

Triple loop learning is an advanced learning model that goes beyond traditional single and double loop learning approaches. It emphasizes not only the detection and correction of errors but also a deep examination of the underlying assumptions, beliefs, and values that guide our actions and decision-making processes.

By integrating triple loop learning, healthcare professionals can develop a more comprehensive understanding of the root causes of errors, ultimately enabling more effective and sustainable improvements in patient safety. This reflective and introspective approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, encouraging organizations to adapt and evolve in response to the complex and dynamic challenges of modern healthcare.

This unique course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning experiences, facilitating deep understanding and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within healthcare organizations. By engaging with case studies, practical exercises, and reflection activities, participants will be empowered to implement best practices and drive positive change in their professional practice.


  • To understand the concept and importance of learning from errors in patient safety.

  • To develop the ability to identify, analyse, and learn from errors using triple loop learning principles.

  • To equip healthcare professionals with tools and strategies for implementing effective and sustainable changes in practice.

  • To foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning within healthcare organizations.

In-house Training

This course can be held at your organisation for up 25 delegates, we can tailor the content to suit your organisation and CPD needs of your staff. Led by experienced and highly rated trainers, in-house training works out cost-effective for groups and saves travel time.

Contact katym@hc-uk.org.uk with your requirements for further information and a quote.

In-house Training

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