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Effective Consent Practice: Meeting the GMC Guidance on Decision Making & Consent

Chair's Introduction and Welcome: The New GMC Consent Guidance: The seven principles of decision making & consent

Professor Alison Britton
Professor of Healthcare and Medical Law
Glasgow Caledonian University
Task & Finish Group Member, Consent Guidance
General Medical Council

• looking ahead to the revised GMC consent guidance: what has changed?
• implementation in practice
• moving forward 

Professor Alison Britton opened our conference with a presentation about the 7 principles of decision making and consent.  She talked about the revised GMC consent guidance, implementation in practice and what we can expect moving forwards.


Consent from a patient perspective

Susannah Hill

• ensuring a personalised and individualised approach
• the importance of giving patients adequate time to fully understand, digest and reflect
 upon the information about their care and treatment
• what is the right amount of information? What happens when things go wrong? 

Sue was able to give a patient perspective discussing her own experience with surgery, consent and discussions with her surgeon. Sue went through risks and used her accounting background to show a risk table. Looking at why the unlikely and critical risks which are not discussed as much.

“It doesn’t matter how low the risks were, when they happen to you”