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Prehabilitation Principles & Practice

Chair’s Introduction: Principles of Prehabilitation: Evidence and Practice

Professor Sandy Jack
Consultant Clinician Scientist and Professor of Prehabilitation Medicine in
the Anaesthesia/Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine Research Unit

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

• prehabilitation: the evidence
• how can we better support patients to prepare themselves, physically and emotionally for surgery/treatment
• the impact of Covid-19 on prehabilitation programmes
• principles of prehabilitation


EXTENDED SESSION: Prehabilitation for Surgery Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing

Dr David Whittaker
ST5 Specialist Registrar
Sport & Exercise Medicine
University College Hospital NHS Trust



• developing your skills in motivational interviewing – how to talk about exercise in a 1 minute consultation
• making every contact count: supporting people in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.
• optimising patient care to deliver physical activity and exercise, nutrition and psychological support screening, assessment and interventions through workforce development
• the health benefits of swimming
• simple measures to improve diet
• prehabilitation for people who have diabetes, frailty, possibility of day surgery, anaemia
• our experience of group surgery schools and the impact on outcomes
• breakout rooms to practice motivational interviewing


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