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NHS Complaints Summit: Implementing the 2021 NHS Complaint Standards

Today's conference focuses on the NHS Complaint Standards which were published by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman on 30th March 2021.

Today's chair: Lucy Watson Chair The Patients Association

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The NHS wide Complaint Standard (Published March 2021), presented by: Jo Power Liaison Officer Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

• the 2021 NHS Complaint Standards
• how PHSO makes decisions on NHS complaints
• complaints and Covid-19 : what are the standards of care by which the NHS should be judged?
• key things people want from making a complaint and what organisations and staff can do to get it right first time
• what PHSO looks for in a good complaint response
• creating a single developmental pathway for complaints staff
• learning from the Complaint Standards pilot sites

Complaints Resolution & Learning from Claims, presented by: Michele Golden Deputy Director of Safety and Learning NHS Resolution

• what does resolution mean to a complainant?
• the work of NHS resolution
• learning from complaints that turn into claims

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