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Ward Accreditation for Quality

Conference chair: Sheran Oke Director of Nursing Midwifery and Patient Services Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Opening the day is Gilbert Wheeler Patient Ambassador for Cardiomyopathy UK, BHF, NHS Congenital Heart services, Public Health England Heart services, Kings Fund Heart services, NHS Citizens’ Assembly, NHS Patients voice, and CQC; Operations Officer, Cardiovascular Care Partnership CCP

Gilbert looks at Quality from the Patient Perspective

• starting with what matters to people using the service
• quality assurance from a Patient Perspective
• key learning points for delivering improvements at ward level


Conference sponsor:

Genome is a healthcare technology company driven by a diverse team of dedicated individuals with a shared vision of positively disruptive change. In an industry with myriad evolving challenges, we deliver cutting-edge digital systems with strong cyber resilience to redefine and revolutionise current processes.

The company's powerful combination of a dynamic development paradigm with innovative advances in technology empowers organisations to save time and money, gain control of complex processes and develop unparalleled clarity in decision making.

Genome's Ward Accreditation Tool is a comprehensive inspection system that provides massive data collection and processing improvements. This maximises business value by creating more efficient audit processes and ensuring continuous organisational improvement.


Twitter: @genome_digital

LinkedIn: Genome Digital

Delivering an extended session on Driving Pride on the Wards Engaging staff and empowering leadership to improve quality standards on hospital wards is Christine McKenzie Professional Lead, Executive Nurse Network The Royal College of Nursing

The session covers:

• encouraging ownership of continuous quality improvement at ward level
• what does well-led mean at ward level?
• engaging and empowering staff to improve the basic standards and quality of care at ward level and reduce variation in standards between wards
• sharing best practice across wards
• increasing staff pride within their ward areas
• examples in practice from a Ward Leader

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