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Nurse/Non-Medical Prescribing in Cardiology: News and Updates

Chaired by Hannah Waterhouse, President of The British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care, this important national conference provided an essential update for current and aspiring nurse/non-medical prescribers in cardiology and cardiovascular care.

Through national updates and practical case studies delegates heard how to develop and maintain prescribing competence, and how to develop effectiveness in post qualification practice. The conference included extended sessions focusing on developing skills in nurse/non-medical prescribing practice. The afternoon sessions included case study presentations on nurse/non-medical prescribing in rapid access chest pain clinics, heart failure, a nurse-led follow-up service for patients who have undergone percutaneous coronary intervention, pre admission clinics for elective cardiology patients, nurse/non-medical prescribing in the management of arrhythmias, prescribing medications in acute coronary syndromes and nurse/non-medical prescribing in a cardiac prevention & rehabilitation programme. The conference concluded with a session on pharmacist prescribing for medicines optimisation and medicines adherence within the healthcare pathway of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Speaker Presentations and news:

Nurse/Non-Medical Prescribing - National Update

Marion Russell Medicines Management Advisor

  • national developments in nurse/non-medical prescribing
  • developing confidence and competence in your ability to prescribe
  • demonstrating compliance with the NMC Code for revalidation
  • the benefits of nurse/non-medical prescribing in cardiology

Marion Russell’s Full Presentation Click Here

In her presentation Marion stated: 

"When my colleague became a radiographer prescriber it was great because the patients were no longer waiting in the waiting room for their medication, they were already on their way home by the time the side effects kicked in, and that's what is important to them"

"It is hoped that the supplement prescribers will be coming through next year"

"Am I qualified to do what I am doing? Do I know what I'm doing? Or have I been put under pressure to become a non medical prescriber?"

Marion Russell’s Presentation Abstract:

The number of professions now able to register as nurse/non-medical prescribers is expanding as the demands made on the NHS and other Health Care providers continues to increase.

This brings with it the need to ensure that medicines are not only prescribed safely but those who undertake this task are capable and competent to do so.

Marion Russell’s Biography:

Since her retirement from the NHS in November 2013 Marion Russell has been working as an independent medicines management advisor. This includes running training days on medicines management for nurses, midwives and allied health care professionals as well as writing and reviewing medicines management related documents.

She was employed from 2003 -2013 at Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust as the Clinical Development Nurse: Medicines Management and was the Non Medical Prescribing Lead for the Trust. In this role she developed learning programmes for nurse/midwives and allied health professionals relating to medicines management, as well as  writing and monitoring the development of patient group directions and supporting nurses in non medical prescribing.

Her career in nursing spans over 40 years. She has worked in both the secondary and independent sector and held senior positions in the adult setting.

In 1980 she moved into mainstream education and qualified as a teacher. After this she worked in further education with students following social care courses.

In 1984 she entered Nurse Education and remained in this field until 2003 progressing from nurse tutor to managing education.

She was a member of the steering group working with the NMC on the development of the Standards for Medicines Management which was launched in February 2008.

She was the initiator and founder member of the Nurses Working In Pharmacy Network Group set up to support nurses who work in pharmacy.

She is a committee member of the Association for Prescribing.

EXTENDED SESSION: Nurse/Non-Medical Prescribing in Cardiology

Jan Keenan Nurse Consultant in Cardiology and Trust Lead for Non Medical Prescribing, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Past President British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care

  • nurse/non-medical prescribing for cardiology: where are we now?
  • what are nurses/non-medical prescribing in cardiology?
  • the range of cardiology drugs prescribed and new products on the horizon
  • improving outcomes
  • issues and challenges around prescribing in cardiology

In her presentation Jan stated: 

"In the early days it was really quite tentative steps we would take"

"There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done in terms of national governance to find out really where we are"

"Cardiology out reach is much better in some areas the others"

Jan Keenan’s Biography:

Jan Keenan has an extensive background in cardiac nursing, and for the last 25 years has been working at the Oxford Heart Centre. Jan has an educational, clinical and academic background but her true passion lies in clinical practice, and in particular the development and evolution of services that place our patients at the centre of care and expertise, delivered by nurses alongside all our inter-related professional groups.

Jan takes a clinical lead in service provision and development of nurse led services, in particular in relation to people with coronary heart disease, but also in relation to a growing number of sub-specialities in Cardiology. As a nurse prescriber Jan was one of the first nurses in acute care to take on a prescribing role, and thereafter rapidly became a champion of non-medical prescribing. In addition as non-medical prescribing lead for the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Jan has encountered nurses and AHPs working in primary secondary and tertiary care who are developing innovative approaches to care. Jan has also published independently and collegiately in the fields of cardiac nursing, advanced practice and nurse prescribing and have an unashamed reputation for championing the value of nurse led services.

Jan has meet professionals from all groups with an interest in prescribing as part of advanced practice and take a great interest in supporting the development of services around the patient, that offer a much improved.

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21 October 2016


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