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New Patient Safety Rights Charter by WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have recently launched the Patient Safety Rights Charter. This charter aims to establish guidelines and principles to safeguard the rights and safety of patients worldwide.

The Charter addresses 10 essential patient safety rights aimed at reducing risks and avoiding unintended harm. These include rights such as timely, effective, and suitable care; safe healthcare procedures and protocols; access to qualified and skilled staff; and the opportunity for patient and family involvement, among others.

Key highlights of the Patient Safety Rights Charter include:

1. Empowering Patients: Providing patients with the right to access accurate information about their healthcare, enabling them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their care journey.

2. Promoting Transparency: Advocating for transparency in healthcare systems, ensuring that patients are informed about potential risks and errors, and fostering an environment of trust between patients and healthcare providers.

3. Ensuring Accountability: Holding healthcare institutions and providers accountable for upholding patient safety standards, and establishing mechanisms for reporting and addressing adverse events.

4. Fostering Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration among stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including patients, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and organisations, to collectively drive improvements in patient safety.

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