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News and Updates for todays Caldicott Guardians National Annual Conference 2019

Arjun, Dawn and ChristopherArjun, Dawn and Christopher

News and presentations from today's Caldicott Guardians National Annual Conference 2019

What makes an excellent Caldicott Guardian? Qualities, skills, roles, responsibilities & leadership
Dr Arjun Dhillon,
Clinical Director & Deputy Caldicott Guardian, NHS Digital
Pre Event Abstract
The NHS in England is constantly changing. Following the recent developments of GDPR, DPA18, Dame Fiona Caldicott being named the 1st National Data guardian, and 23 years after being 1st proposed, Arjun re-examines the attributes Caldicott guardians need to achieve excellence in the job within this challenging context.
Arjun, speaking at the conference this morning said:
"Things change all the time, which changes your way points"
"You have to be trusted in your role as a caldicott guardian"
"Where does the line stop, when are we breaking confidence?"
"You can’t go in to this role with blinkers on, you have to remain open to all points of view"
"Be brave, if you stand on side line during this role, you are not doing it properly"‚Äč

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Current Issues for Caldicott Guardians
Dawn Monaghan,
Chair - Health and Social Care Working Group on GDPR, Head of Data Sharing and Privacy, NHS England
In Feb 2016 Dawn joined NHS England as Head of the Data Sharing and Privacy Unit (DSPU). She presently has a joint role across NHS England and NHS Digital. Her responsibilities as Head of the DSPU remain but she is also a Director of system IG Strategy at NHS Digital. Dawn has also recently accepted the position of Director of the Information Governance Alliance. Her roles in NHS England and NHS Digital are strategic. Her aim in all three of her roles is to support and assist the use of information by ensuring that public expectations are developed and met and that professionals understand how to use information in a sensible and secure manner. The simplification of process and the practical application of the law is her ultimate goal.
Dawn said:
"The Caldicott guardian and data protection officer should work very closely together"
"A Caldicott guardian really really has to think about proportionality, it is so important!"
"NHSX’s mission is to make sure citizens and staff have the digital technology they need to do their jobs"

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Inappropriate access to Medical Records
Dr Claire Zane,
Consultant in Palliative Medicine & Caldicott Guardian, St Luke’s Hospice
Pre Event Abstract
In the last 2 years there have been increasing numbers of high profile cases of clinical staff accessing patient records, out of curiosity, and not for the purpose of delivering clinical care. This inappropriate access is a breach of confidentiality and against the law.
Dr Claire Zane will share her first-hand experience in how to establish your organisational accountability and assurance; followed by the learning on what to do in the likely event that this occurs within your organisation.
Clare speaking this afternoon said:
“Patients are entitled to have their privacy protected and those who work with sensitive personal data need to know that they can’t just access it or share it with others when they feel like it. The law is clear and the consequences of breaking it can be severe.”
"Your organisation will be accountable for not taking measures to adequately protect service user/patient data"
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