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Nursing appraisal and revalidation update from the Nursing Midwifery Council

Jackie Smith Chief Executive for Nursing and Midwifery Council and Dame Eileen Sills DBE Chief Nurse from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust opened todays conference with an update from the NMC on Nursing appraisal and revalidation. In their presentation Jackie and Dame Eileen discussed:

  • developments from the revalidation pilot sites
  • taking forward the recommendations for a system of revalidation and learning from the responses to the consultation
  • the new NMC Code of Practice
  • planning for the changes at a local level
  • how will an organisation ensure that the nurse or midwife who is revalidating is complying with the revised code?
  • what will be included in nursing appraisal? Moving forward with the pilot sites
  • how will the quality of appraisal and revalidation recommendations be assured and inspected?

Jackie Smith and Dame Eileen Sills DBE full presentation is available for download at the end of this page.

In her presentation Jackie stated: 

“The MNC and GMC launched Guidance on Duty of Candour on the 29 June 2015”

“There are massive challenges to getting organisations to support staff to say sorry”

“Social Media is a valuable tool and useful to getting information – but we realise that is also a dangerous tool in the way people use it – I say you are never of duty”

“19 Organisation that we piloted the model with and those have now come to end – we are trying to establish 3 things:

  • Is revalidation the most appropriate Model for appraisal? – you have to have revalidation for appraisal
  • Are there any issues with getting feedback – what we says patients are not the only way to get feedback – there are a verity of ways to getting feedback. Obtaining feedback is not the issue – it is how you use the feedback that should be the issue
  • What does mean to be a confirmer?”

“The reason we are doing revalidation is to establish your fitness to practice and to be a registered Nurse and demonstrate your professionalism – this is a positive opportunity”

“We have to have a model that works for everyone on our register and it has to be a one size fits all – there is no way we can change it to suit other requirements”

“It is absolutely essential that all 4 countries is ready for revalidation to be implemented - The NMC will decided in October if all the 4 countries are ready for revalidation”

“We have to think about what difference revalidation makes to public protection and we will see this over time and it will show that it is valuable”

“What does it mean to introduce revalidation in your organisation? – that is the work the NMC is doing alongside the model.”

“If everything goes to plan with readiness and cost plan and budgeting and a decision is made in October 2015 – then revalidation will come in April 2016”

“We have to ensure that the model works in all setting – Social Care etc… and that why we have had 19 Pilots across all sectors”

In her presentation Dame Eileen Sills Stated: 

“I am going to say it is going to be a pain full 3 years”

“Revalidation steps up professionalism in organisations”

“Revalidation is coming – people in your organisation should be ready. The NMC will make a decision in October 2-15 and you should be aware it is coming in 2016 and start thinking about it now – individually and corporately”

“It is not the confirmer that will decide if you are still no the register it is the NMC that will make decision”

“Ask yourselves how is the code currently used in your own organisation:

  • ask yourselves how is the Code currently used in your own organisation
  • what do you think the Code means to yourself and your staff?
  • was the new Code launched on 31 Mar 2015?
  • where are you now with preparation for revalidation?”

Why did we volunteered to be a pilot because?

  • we know not all staff understand the importance and relevance to their registration
  • we know that the Code is known but not always embedded in every day practice
  • we wanted to commence revalidation and underpin the process using the new Code

“We have taken the decision to bolt revalidation on the appraisals and we have decided to do it annually – this is because it will step up professionalism and it will mean we are ready when it comes round at the 3 year mark”

The steps we followed

  • we identified all those due to do their NOP this year and invited them to be part of the pilot
  • designed a process that has been ‘bolted’ onto the annual appraisal
  • reflections are structured under the four domains of the Code

“From the pilots we realised we need a lot of training”

“We need to train our confirmers – this means revisiting the appraisal process and making sure this is a consistent process”

“The discipline we need to get in to on reflections is do it in that moment – a couple of lines of what say been said/happened will be great”

“I was the first person to revalidation nationally…my appraisal was incredibly positive, constructive and effective”

Jackie Smith Biography:

Jackie Smith was appointed the NMC’s Chief Executive and Registrar in October 2012. Jackie joined the NMC as the Director of Fitness to Practise in August 2010, where she led a department of over 100 staff with the responsibility of driving forward improvements to meet the NMC’s goal of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of the public. In December 2011 Jackie was then appointed the NMC’s Acting Chief Executive and Registrar.

Jackie has a Law degree from Wolverhampton University, qualification in Six Sigma and a diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.  Jackie’s background is in law and she spent many years working for the Crown Prosecution Service at the Old Bailey and in the Director of Pubic Prosecutions Office.

Jackie has extensive experience in healthcare regulation. She worked for the General Medical Council (GMC) for over 10 years where she was the Assistant Director of GMC Liaison prior to joining the NMC. She led the roll-out programme for introducing affiliates to every Strategic Health Authority (SHA) in England and in the other three countries, after successfully leading the GMC Affiliate Pilot in London. She set the vision for affiliates and developed the strategic plan for how they will work with the NHS. Jackie headed up the GMC’s Investigation Unit for six years managing and investigating complaints and monitoring standards for doctors, under the scrutiny of the Government, the profession and the public.

Jackie also sat on the West Midlands Pathfinder Steering Group and worked with representatives from the Revalidation Support Team, the BMS and the SHA. She was a member of Revalidation Project Group for the London SHA and worked closely with the clinical lead responsible for delivering revalidation in London. 

Dame Eileen Sills DBE Biography:

Eileen Sills trained in Stockport and qualified as a registered nurse in 1983, she held a number of post registration positions within both general and Accident & Emergency Medicine, before moving to London in 1985 where she took up her first senior position as a Sister in a busy A&E department at North Middlesex Hospital. After 3 years she took up a position as a clinical tutor for the ENB Accident & Emergency Course but after 18 months took the decision to return to clinical practice.

Eileen was appointed as a ward sister on a medical ward at North Middlesex in 1990 and within 2 years had developed the ward to become one of the first funded Nursing Development Units in the country, supported by a 3 year grant from the King’s Fund. At the same time Eileen was awarded a Florence Nightingale travel scholarship.  From 1994 Eileen progressed her career taking opportunities to gain experience in both general management and senior nursing leadership positions across a number of hospitals within North London.  This led to her first appointment as a Director of Nursing in 1999 at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, in 2001 she moved to Whipps Cross Hospital as the Director of Nursing and became Deputy Chief Executive in 2003 and following the departure of the CEO acted as Chief Executive before moving to Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust in 2005 as their Chief Nurse. Within 6 months of her appointment Eileen took on the additional responsibilities of the Director of Clinical Services and in 2007 was appointed as Chief Operating Officer.  Following the substantive appointment of a Chief Operating Officer in 2012, Eileen’s portfolio changed taking on Director of Patient Experience.

Eileen was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s 2003 New Years Honours list for services to nursing, she holds two visiting professorships at King’s College London and London South bank Universities. She is the Chair of the Grant’s Committee for the Burdett Trust.  Eileen has a national reputation for strong, visible, clinical leadership, and her drive to take senior nurses back to the bedside has earned her a national reputation for her clinical Friday’s initiative. In August 2013 Eileen was appointed as the Clinical Director for London’s Strategic Network for Dementia.

In the 2015 Queen’s New Year Honours, Eileen was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her services to the nursing profession.

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Download: Jackie Smith & Dame Eileen Sills DBE full presentation

2 July 2015


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