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Speaker presentations at Consultant Job Planning

Chaired by Dr David Scott Assessment Advisor NCAS & GMC Associate & former Chairman BMA Medical Managers Committee & Consultant Paediatrician East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, today's Consultant Job Planning conference focuses on delivering successful job planning in practice, lessons, challenges, objectives and solutions and promoting supporting professional activities (SPAs).

Dr Eliot Sykes Head of Service for Critical Care Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, opened the conference and delivered a presentation on Job Planning driving improvement: Ensuring success for consultants, the service and for improved patient.  He discusses:

  • ensuring service delivery, and improving efficiency
  • delivering successful job planning in practice
  • successful job planning for consultants, the service and patient care: tensions and solutions

Dr Eliot Sykes Head of Service for Critical Care Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust Full Presentation Click Here

Dr Eliot Sykes Biography:

Dr Eliot Sykes is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and Business Unit Director for Emergency Surgery and Elective Care at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Eliot is also Clinical Lead for Sepsis, Patient Deterioration, Mortality and a founding Q member with specific interests in patient safety, quality improvement, service development and system change. Eliot led on the development of the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in terms of surgical and critical care seven day service configuration and major system change

Dr Simon Mackenzie Medical Director St George’s Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust continued the morning with a focus on From year to year: delivering annualised job plans & job plan reviews.  He discusses:

  • job planning from year to year: developing annualisation
  • developing and implementing job plan reviews
  • agreeing the support needed to fulfil job plans
  • from year to year: moving forward
  • challenges and successes

Dr Simon Mackenzie Medical Director St George’s Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Full Presentation Click Here

Dr Simon Mackenzie Presentation Abstract: 

Although the correct approach to annual job plan reviews is well set out in the guidance, it is frequently not delivered. Doing so is in the interests of both consultants and employers: this session will show how that can be achieved in a way that is not simply transactional but builds engagement. There are many shared goals and each party has an interest in the success and advancement of the other. The external environment, regulatory and financial is challenging and changing- what worked this year may not be optimal next. Whilst some consultants continue to work the same pattern every week, changing patterns of service delivery including ‘consultant of the week models’ and consultant preferences increasingly lead to the need for variable patterns from week to week or fully annualised job plans. These can be mutually beneficial but present a degree of complexity.

Annual job planning is part of a cycle in which consultants participate in both job planning and appraisal. Although ultimately pay progression and eligibility for Clinical Excellence Awards depend on demonstrating compliance, the focus is on creating a positive atmosphere not a coercive one.

Whilst job planning and appraisal should inform each other, the two processes are kept distinct. The scheme described in the session has an annual cycle in which all job planning takes place between January and March: this recognises that whilst each consultant has an individual job plan there is also a team aspect and need to ensure that job plans align with activity plans for the following year. Undertaking appraisals at other times in the cycle spreads the load for consultants and managers.

There is a significant administrative burden associated with both planning and undertaking job planning. Success depends on having systems in place and information available. Those undertaking job planning need both training and adequate information. This should include what the Trust is committed to in terms of clinical, educational, research and improvement activity for the coming year and a record of what has been achieved in the previous year. This information should be shared with consultants in advance.

Unfortunately job planning tends to focus on sessions, but ultimately clinical and non-clinical sessions are simply some of the tools that are required to deliver objectives. Starting with objectives can help align consultants and employers and make it easier to review and adjust job plans. The practicalities of annualised job plans will also be covered.

Dr Simon Mackenzie Biography:

Simon Mackenzie, MB ChB, FRCA, FICM is Medical Director St George’s University Hospitals NHS foundation Trust and Professor of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety at St George’s University of London. He is also a Tribunal member at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. Simon qualified in 1983 from the University of Edinburgh and was appointed Consultant in Anaesthetics and Critical Care in 1992. He was Medical Director of University Hospitals Division NHS Lothian 2007-2012. Between 2012 and 2013 he was Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) focusing on mortality monitoring and improving patient flow. He took up his current post in 2015.

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12 April 2016


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