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Action Planning in Health & Social Care

Today's chair: Dr Claudia Ganado

Neonatal Consultant Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Trust

Claudia opens the conference with an update on Action Planning for Improvement & Learning

• what an effective “action” looks like
• taking a human factors approach to action planning
• after actions reviews as a tool to promote organisational learning
• allocating timelines and responsibilities
• using action planning to identify interdependencies and possible bottlenecks in the project early on

Speaking next is Mr Perbinder Grewal General & Vascular Surgeon and Human Factors Trainer who discusses motivating clinical teams to change and improve

• drivers for change: understanding individuals motivation to change
• examples of action planning following complaints and claims
• allocating responsibility for action plans: consideration issues
• action planning and other tools to enable change

This session includes small breakout groups

Nancy Dixon Healthcare Quality Consultant Healthcare Quality Quest Ltd presents an extended session on: A Step by Step Guide to Acting to Achieve Improvement

• getting the focus right — improvement is the outcome, action is the process
• a step-by-step guide to achieving an improvement
• challenges to implementing change in a healthcare setting
• how sciences — implementation, complexity and social — are contributing
• how the ‘theory of change’ can contribute to success
• identifying clearly exactly what the improvement is
• key factors that influence implementation of change from the evidence base
• engaging the right people in agreeing on the improvement and implementing change
• understanding how context matters to short-term success
• strong versus weak actions and their effectiveness
• action strategies from the evidence base and what is involved in planning a ‘dose’ of change
• setting priorities for effective and feasible actions
• planning the work needed to implement change
• monitoring and measuring success

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